Bio-Tech donated 500 bottles of vitamin D supplements to GrassrootsHealth’s Protect our Children NOW! translational research project – putting clinical research about vitamin D into practice for healthy pregnancies.

FAYETTEVILLE, AR (February 22, 2016)  Bio-Tech™ Pharmacal, Inc. donated 500 bottles of 250 count 5,000 IU vitamin D supplements to the Protect our Children NOW! project which is making vitamin D testing and supplementation standard of care for pregnant women.   Bio-Tech is the nutraceutical leader in supporting research, having supplied supplements to over 60 institutions/organizations nationwide.

“We are committed to quality research on nutrients,” said Dale Benedict, owner of Bio-Tech. “Quality research gives answers to everyone. Answers can be used to make decisions on what supplements would be beneficial to your health.”

Bio-Tech was the first to market with a 50,000 IU D3 capsule (available since yr. 2000). Many research studies use weekly, high-level dosing and in the past, were forced to use prescription 50,000 IU D2. However, in year

2000, Bio-Tech changed the playing field by offering a hypo-allergenic, bio-available 50,000 IU D3 capsule (now with both Halal and Kosher certified versions). They also supply a matching placebo, if needed. All strengths of Bio-Tech’s D3 (D3-50,000 IU, D3-5,000 IU, D3-1,000 IU) are available in a water soluble delivery form.

“Protect our Children NOW! is a great project. It provides vitamin D testing, education, and supplementation to pregnant women,” says Lora Daniel, Director of Sales & Marketing of Bio-Tech. “The researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina have found that with vitamin D at a level of at least 40 ng/ml, pregnancy comorbidites can be drastically reduced. There seems to be a 50% reduction in preterm labor alone! ”

“It is a great relief to have Bio-Tech supplements for our patients,” said Dr. Carol Wagner, lead investigator for Protect our Children NOW! “Many of these women would not go to a store to buy the supplement, even after they have been told they need it. Fully, 100% of African American women that come to our clinic are vitamin  D deficient, and 80% of all Caucasians. Supplementation is necessary and provides a great start for this new baby’s life.”

Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc., established in 1984, is a fully insured, state and federally licensed, nutraceutical (dietary supplements) manufacturer specializing in innovative high quality hypo-allergenic preventive healthcare products, shipped to physicians, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies worldwide. Bio-Tech partners with over 60 prestigious institutions/organizations supplying products for use in research. Bio-Tech has introduced many innovative products, including the original D3-50,000 IU available in a water soluble delivery form.

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