Published on May 20, 2024

Are you interested in measuring your homocysteine level? Are you aware of the reasons why you might want to test it? Order your home test kit now through Food for the Brain.

Key Points

  • Homocysteine is associated with an increased risk of over 100 diseases or adverse outcomes which are listed at the end of this article, including almost all brain and mental health disorders, from childhood to old age, including dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • In those with cardiovascular disease having a H score above 20 increases risk of death by almost five times, and every 5 point increase increases risk by a third; a recent report of almost three thousand cardiovascular patients found that risk of death was almost three times higher for those in the top quartile of Hcy (>15.6) compared with those in the lowest quartile below <9.8
  • Homocysteine testing, however, is only truly accurate if measured after fasting for 12 hours with water only being drunk. Both coffee and alcohol affect homocysteine levels, as does eating a protein-rich meal. It is also advised not to take B vitamin supplements during this time or possibly for 24 hours before you test.

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Are you interested in measuring your level of homocysteine? Are you aware of the reasons WHY you might want to test your homocysteine level?

Your homocysteine level is a measure of methylation, or your need for B vitamins. Faulty methylation damages the brain and circulation and can be considered the single best indicator of cognitive health. Homocysteine goes up when methylation is impaired, indicating a greater need for B vitamins, especially vitamins B6, B12 and folate.

Why is Measuring Homocysteine Important?

Lowering homocysteine has been shown to reduce brain shrinkage by up to 73% in those with adequate levels of the omega-3 fatty-acid DHA. A lower homocysteine level is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, osteoporosis, depression, and cognitive decline. Homocysteine is a biomarker for over 100 diseases, especially mental and neurological diseases. Increased homocysteine levels can also be due to poor absorption of vitamin B12, however, the only way to know is to test.

What is a Good Homocysteine Level?

A homocysteine level above 11 µmol/L is associated with accelerated brain shrinkage. 7 µmol/L or less is considered optimal. Supplementation with B vitamins is recommended with levels above 10 µmol/L.

Home Blood Spot Testing for Homocysteine is Now Available

This test is currently offered through Food for the Brain (FFB), another charity and friend of GrassrootsHealth, for a price of $59.95 (or subscribe and save up to 6%; GrassrootsHealth discounts do not apply to this test). While GrassrootsHealth is considering adding the homocysteine test to our study, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to test through FFB first and give us your feedback.

Buy Your at-home Homocysteine Test from Food for the Brain Here

PLEASE NOTE This test requires a fasted blood sample. It is suggested that you perform the test first thing in the morning after 12 hours of fasting, i.e. no food or drinks.  For more information read Food for the Brain’s homocysteine FAQs here.  Email [email protected] with any questions you have about the test.

Also Considering Glutathione Testing!

Another important molecule for our health is glutathione, known by many as the mother of all antioxidants and the master detoxifier. Levels of glutathione within the cells and mitochondria are highly associated with health and longevity, and its deficiency is associated with loss of function with aging and many chronic diseases. Glutathione levels can directly affect vitamin D status, similar to magnesium. Unfortunately, many things deplete our bodies of glutathione – learn more about glutathione and its relationship to vitamin D.

Would you be interested in measuring and tracking your homocysteine and/or glutathione levels through GrassrootsHealth as part of the vitamin D*action project?

Let us Know Here!

Make Sure You Are Also Getting Enough Vitamin D, Omega-3s, and Magnesium!

Having and maintaining healthy vitamin D levels and other nutrient levels can help improve your health now and for your future. Choose which additional nutrients to measure, such as your omega-3s and essential minerals including magnesium and zinc, by creating your custom home test kit today. Take steps to improve the status of each of these measurements to benefit your overall health. With measurement you can then determine how much is needed and steps to achieve your goals.  You can also track your own intakes, symptoms and results to see what works best for YOU.

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How Can You Use this Information for YOUR Health?

Having and maintaining healthy vitamin D and other nutrient levels can help improve your health now and for your future. Measuring is the only way to make sure you are getting enough!

STEP 1 Order your at-home blood spot test kit to measure vitamin D and other nutrients of concern to you, such as omega-3s, magnesium, essential and toxic elements (zinc, copper, selenium, lead, cadmium, mercury); include hsCRP as a marker of inflammation or HbA1c for blood sugar health

STEP 2 Answer the online questionnaire as part of the GrassrootsHealth study

STEP 3 Using our educational materials and tools (such as our dose calculators), assess your results to determine if you are in your desired target range or if actions should be taken to get there

STEP 4 After 3-6 months of implementing your changes, re-test to see if you have achieved your target level(s)

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